About Ciara Healy-Musson.

Ciara Healy-Musson is a Writer, Book Artist, Curator and Lecturer in Art, Culture & Heritage at IT Carlow, Ireland. She is the recipient of an IMPACT Research Award from University of Reading (2016), a Large Grant Award from Arts Council Wales for a curatorial research project titled Thin Place (2015) and she was one of the 2011 recipients of the Wales Arts International and Axis Critical Writing Award.
Ciara Healy Musson

Heterodox ways of re-thinking relationships with the world...

Healy-Musson worked as a Lecturer and Director of Teaching & Learning at University of Reading, UK. Her teaching is research-led and is informed by her engagement with rurality, heritage & community, place based curating and experiential education.

Healy-Musson has published widely in catalogues and art journals on artists such as: Jonathan Anderson, Adam Buick, Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Christine Mackey, Flora Parrott, Mary Modeen, Bella Kerr, Sara Barker, Martina Mullaney, Caroline Achaintre, Jo Addison, Serena Korda, Bedwyr Williams, Mary Maclean, Alice Channer, Miranda Whall, Matt White among many others. She was also the recipient of the Curatorial Fellowship Award at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery in 2006.

Her research interests involve developing strategies in writing, curating and education for philosophy, poetry, literature, science, agriculture and the visual arts to converge. This is in order to explore new ways of ‘making room’ for other ontologies.

Healy-Musson’s creative practice supports new dialogues between disciplines, and facilitates more porous and heterodox ways of re-thinking relationships with the world, especially in a time of climate change. Frequently her work references the work of: David Abram, Jane Bennett, Joseph Beuys, Roger Corless, Geraldine Finn, Felix Guattari, Barbara Hurd and Isabelle Stengers.

Her bookworks are housed in numerous collections including TATE Britain Artists’ Book Collection; The V&A National Art Library; London College of Communication among many others. Thin Place: new modes of environmental knowing through contemporary curatorial practice will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2019 as part of a collection of interdisciplinary essays on climate change.

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