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In 2021 Dr Ciara Healy-Musson was awarded a research fund by the Scottish Government Office in Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Ireland in association with The Royal Irish Academy and the Royal Society Edinburgh. The aim of this research project was to enrich connections and establish new links between Irish and Scottish artists and writers whose creative practices focus on rurality. This was achieved through discussion groups, a web-based forum and a practicum which will eventually lead to a future exhibition and publication.
Significant public interest between farming practices and climate change is currently taking place across Ireland and the UK. In the last decade, an increasing number of artists, particularly in Ireland and Scotland, have established professional collaborations with those working in agricultural industries. These collaborations are important for rural communities who feel disenfranchised or disaffected with social and political structures, because they give agency to life stories that might otherwise be overlooked or misunderstood. This research proposes the notion that Art has a unique ability to act as a connecting force between disparate groups and serves to open up questions and actions on rural issues.

Through the network and through conversations we might be able to mediate the stories of rural life to a broader public and in doing so, make some meaningful contribution towards addressing climate change in this particularly challenging period in our lives"

Two practicums were organised in Ireland and Scotland in Autumn 2021. They involved simultaneous farm visits. Artists, writers, and creative practitioners were invited to meet with the farmers and engage in the opportunity to discuss ways of acknowledging heritage, biodiversity, animal welfare, whilst maintaining high production yields in their agricultural practice. For the practicum in Ireland Dr Ciara Healy-Musson worked in partnership with Lismore Castle Arts, Co. Waterford. Please also see for further information on this project.


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